The Writing Arsenal: Website

Steve Reinke, Min Sook Lee and Heidi McKenzie

In response to a peceived ned for critical writing in the Toronto art community, Mercer Union is launching The Writing Arsenal on our Web Site. This feature is intended to stimulate writing about contemporary art and related cultural and political issues. The Writing Aresenalpresents six original articles by three Toronto writers: Steve Reinke, Min Sook Lee and Heidi McKenzie. In keeping with its role as A Centre for Contemporary Art, Mercer Union intends this project to also act as a forum for critical debate by encouraging response and discussion from readers of the presented text.

Spring 1997

Min Sook Lee: Accessing Art

Heidi McKenzie: Cut It Out! Artists-Run Centres Take a Licking and Keep on…

Steve Reinke: Nelson Henrick’s Emission (1994) and Shimmer(1995)

Spring 1996
Min Sook Lee: brenda joy lem (a conversation with the artist and her work)

Heidi McKenzie:Who’s Tending the Wounded Arts Councils?

Steve Reinke: Review: Cheryl Sourkes’ Genes & Genisis/ Inexact Shadows, and “Genes & Genisis” a web work by Cheryl Sourkes.