Reading, On Site

17 March 2024, 12:00pm ET

Joyce Joumaa

Attuning to her background in documentary filmmaking, Joyce Joumaa will lead a discussion on filmic gestures of re-enactment and re-staging to explore how a critical use of fiction might address historical omissions and inspire transformative methodologies for artistic investigations. Extending these themes to the role of the actor, Joumaa will consider the multiple presence of Albert Lamorisse in the exhibition Lovers’ Wind, and offer an experimental script reading from her forthcoming film on the extraordinary life and death of the Lebanese figure, Youssef Bey Karam.


Joyce Joumaa is a video artist and writer based between Beirut and Montreal. Her work focuses on microhistories within Lebanon as a way to understand how past structures inform the present moment. Her recent film, To Remain in the no Longer (2023) has been shown at Open City Documentary Festival, London; 18th Edition of Ecrans du Reel, Beirut; and is currently included in the 2nd Sharjah Architecture Triennale, Sharjah.

About the Series

SESSION is a project modelling itself after an incubator that invites cultural practitioners to engage with questions that emerge out of a given exhibition.