| 3 August 2020 |

minor abstraction challenges claims of disciplinary, material, and economic boundedness for the artwork.


| 5 August 2020 |

minor abstraction folds itself in and around pre-established aesthetic and institutional forms, attending to absences, negative spaces, and blanks.


7 August 2020 |

minor abstraction may be radically public or sensuously private.

Francisco-Fernando Granados is a Toronto-based artist. His practice extends from performance and drawing into a range of media that includes site-specific installation, moving image, text, public and participatory projects. He draws from refugee and queer experiences by using conceptual approaches and abstraction as strategies to structure the work. These strategies challenge perceptions regarding the stability of identity categories, while searching for moments of agency within narratives of struggle. Through these moments, the work seeks to articulate configurations of desire rather than expressions of need.

Intervals is a digital image commission that engages the in-between—intervening times, spaces, pauses, and breaks in activity—as taken up by artistic practice. Presented on the Mercer Union website and Instagram, this program invites artists to consider their experience of temporality through its disruption, and the sense of beforeduring, and after that is punctuated in the process of reflection.


Intervals is made possible with Support from Partners in Art.