| 13 July 2020 |

“That is Me?” “Is that in Modern?”

End of Ordinary Dance

The Uncanny: The Little Dancer of Fourteen and a German child mannequin

William Forsythe physical thinking program edge

Putting my legs up (the slipper is missing a lace)


| 14 July 2020 |

Resting and stretching positions

Feet (three variations)

Legs up the wall

Missing shoe


| 15 July 2020 |


Blue riding boot

Orange socks to plank in


| 16 July 2020|

Odd socks and mimicry


| 17 July 2020|

Walking with shadow: looking down to see the sky, looking down to see myself

Stepping into the shadows of my daughters and my mother

“Is not the experience of the thing and of the world precisely the ground that we need in order to think nothingness in any way whatever?” (Merleau-Ponty, The Visible and the Invisible, 162)



| 18 July 2020 |

Hermes: If only your feet had wings, how would you fly without falling over?

Contoured Insole (9 years old)

Smoke break.  The lilacs are in bloom.

Chemical reaction


White plastic and grocery bags


| 19 July 2020 |

When you put on a shoe, do you think of what its sole is made of?

What is its relationship to the ground? is it a conductor or insulator?

How does it feel on your sole? What print does the sole leave behind?

Who are shoes useful for?

If you can’t walk, do you still put on shoes? How does it feel to take them off?

I had my feet washed by our priest as a child

All My Kitchen Pots Remind Me of the Cosmos

Sitting at another’s feet

Sitting on top of my own

Roman shape

Wiggling to maintain feeling

Dead foot

And End on the alphabet

Erica Stocking is an artist working primarily in sculpture, performance and installation. Her works explore the uncanny through conflation of binary systems questioning where value is located and where both an individual’s and an object’s sense of agency occurs. Her work has been shown in a number of exhibitions and her most recent project, The Artist’s Studio Is her Bedroom: a choreographed statement of autobiographical art making, is currently on exhibit at The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. She received her BFA from the Emily Carr Institute in 2004 and is currently pursuing her MFA at OCAD University in Toronto.

Intervals is a digital image commission that engages the in-between—intervening times, spaces, pauses, and breaks in activity—as taken up by artistic practice. Presented on the Mercer Union website and Instagram, this program invites artists to consider their experience of temporality through its disruption, and the sense of before, during, and after that is punctuated in the process of reflection.


Intervals is made possible with Support from Partners in Art.