| 20 July 2020 |

Weaving my own approximations of ‘spotted camlets’ while living in the pages of 18th century sample books.

dots in wool ~ blocks and dashes in wool ~ blocks and chevrons in silk with stripes ~ weaving two warps ~ pages from a Norwich worsted pattern book 1783-1787, from the Winterthur Library Digital Collection


| 22 July 2020 |

Trying to understand printed patterns more, spent the day looking at 19th century roller printed cottons. Ended up painting a coffee cup.


| 24 July 2020 |

Teaching myself to paint faux wood grain, which feels like the opposite of weaving.

Anne Low is based in Montréal, Canada. Her practice includes sculpture, installation, textiles and printmaking to investigate how particular expressive forms are able to unhinge themselves from historical contingency and speak to contemporary subjects such as the domestic, the decorative, utility and taste. Her work speaks to wider narratives around the impulse to individuate object and self and how the impulse to decorate is a desire that extends through history and is expressed onto the planes and surfaces of domestic interiors and objects.

Intervals is a digital image commission that engages the in-between—intervening times, spaces, pauses, and breaks in activity—as taken up by artistic practice. Presented on the Mercer Union website and Instagram, this program invites artists to consider their experience of temporality through its disruption, and the sense of beforeduring, and after that is punctuated in the process of reflection.




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