Aaron Jones‘ practice surrounds ideas of self-reflection and character-building, as a way of finding peace. Often using found images, videos, and lens-based media, he works with different forms of collage to build characters and spaces relating to surreal yet personal experiences. Whether it be physical mark-making on paper or overlapping content digitally, through a cathartic and ritualistic practice of deconstructing and rebuilding, his world aims to be a resolve for aspects of intergenerational trauma. His use of visual and creative fusion asks, both through its production and its process: How do we make our own [world] from what is given?

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include: Zalucky Contemporary, Toronto (2020); Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto (2020); Forest City Gallery, London (2019); Superframe, Toronto (2019); YYZ Artist Outlet, Toronto (2019); Toronto Image Works (2019); Art Gallery of Guelph (2018); The Margin of Eras Gallery, Toronto (2018); Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art, Toronto (2018); OCAD University Ignite Gallery (2018); CONTACT Gallery, Toronto (2017); and Oakville Galleries (2017).

Intervals is a digital image commission that engages the in-between—intervening times, spaces, pauses, and breaks in activity—as taken up by artistic practice. Presented on the Mercer Union website and Instagram, this program invites artists to consider their experience of temporality through its disruption, and the sense of beforeduring, and after that is punctuated in the process of reflection.


Intervals is made possible with Support from Partners in Art.