You Don’t Love Me Yet / Toronto 2009

15 August 2009

Saturday 15 August, 3PM

YOU DON’T LOVE ME YET / Toronto, 2009

Toronto-based musicians and artists will perform an afternoon of Johanna Billing’s ongoing project, You Don’t Love Me Yet. Fascinated by the ritualized potential inherent in performing cover versions of pop songs, Billing conceived a concert format based on one song only, to be interpreted by local artists, bands, and groups. Taking its cue from Texas psychedelic rock legend Roky Erickson’s original 1984 version of the song, Billing has reinterpreted the logic of longing and longevity and decentralized the ideal of a single performance or solo performer, creating instead a rolling series of performances based on localized aesthetic sensibilities.

Each performance is videotaped and subsequently becomes the backbone to an archival installation of a “neverending tour” of You Don’t Love Me Yet. Beginning as a concert tour in multiple Scandinavian art institutes around 2002, Billing’s reformatting of the song has since been performed over a hundred times in locations worldwide ranging from museums, galleries, music clubs and art fairs.

Local performers will include:

Nick Taylor & Tara White

Liz Hysen

Wet Dirt

Luxury Pond & Snowblink

Keith Hamilton


Ryan Kamstra

Magali Meagher


Keith Cole & Cameron Groves

more TBC

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This Is How We Walk on the Moon, 2008.

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Produced by apparent extent in collaboration with Malmö Konstall and Mercer Union