Wyn Geleynese

7 October 1986 - 1 November 1986
Opening Reception 7 October 1986 8pm

Film Installations:

A solo exhibition of film installations by London, Ontario artist Wyn Geleynse will open at Mercer Union on Tuesday, October 7 at 8:00pm.

Wyn Geleynse will be exhibiting six projection installations, three of which were produced in 1986. These installations consist of viewer-activated 16mm film loops projected either onto or into tableaux (which consist of props with sheets of ground glass) or onto photographs in which the film image blends with the still images.

The varied sources of inspiration in Geleynse’s work trace back to the traditions of nineteenth century photography, the mechanical processes behind early discoveries in photography and his own childhood recollections of growing up. Remembering, 1984, first begun in Holland and later finished in Canada, is a direct response to a childhood memory and the reality thirty years later. Family Portrait, 1986, the most recently completed work, is the artist’s response to a family snapshot and his perception of that moment.

Born in the Netherlands in 1947, Wyn Geleynse was raised in London, Ontario where he currently lives and works at the University of Western Ontario’s Visual Art Department. Since 1968, Geleynse has participated in group exhibitions in Winnipeg, Toronto, Kingston, Windsor and London. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions in Toronto (1968), London, Ontario (1969, 1974, 1976, 1981, 1983), Buffalo, New York (1984), and most recently at Artists Space in New York City (1986).