31 March—7 May 1994

What's Required

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We both edit our work down to a point where there is a certain ambiguity. The images I incorporate in my work are very ambiguous until I put them together, until the configuration gives them a kind of meaning and function. But I then try to empty the work of that meaning by talking about its conceptual framework.
Natalie Olanick
There are representational aspects to everything. The work is about recognizing abstraction and making abstraction accessible. These things can be anything and it could be something very important. I draw a letter. I don't have to dwell on it. I don't have to make brush marks. There is a brush mark - a trace - but that's all. I'm interested in making the number or letter clear and just precise enough to recognize the model that it's coming from.
Richard Storms


Natalie Olanick was born in Toronto in 1960. She studied at the Banff Centre (1988), Queen's University (1978), and the Ontario College of Art (1980 - 1984). Solo exhibitions include: New Paintings, Niagara Artists' Centre, St. Catherine's (1990); and an upcoming exhibition in the Project Room, Optica Gallery, Montreal (1994). Group exhibitions include: Snafu/Treasure, organized by Toronto artists' collective Republic, Toronto (1993); Cities on the Edge, Hallwalls, Buffalo (1993); and Forest City Gallery London, Ontario (1991). Olanick recently curated MANUAL at Garnet Press Gallery, Toronto.

Richard Storms was born in Wellington, Kansas in 1954. HE studied at the Banff Centre (1980), received a B.F.A. from the University of Regina (1981) and a MFA from York University (1983). Solo exhibitions include: six exhibitions at Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto (1984 - 1991); and Ra Ra Ra, Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario (1992). Group exhibitions include: Brief Window, Glendon College, York University, Toronto (1992); and Romantic Landscape Now. Artspace, Peterborough, Ontario. (1986)

Moira Clark is a Toronto artist and a Mercer Union board member.