Perry Bard

14 March 1991 - 13 April 1991
Opening Reception 14 March 1991 8pm

West Gallery:


Artist talk Wednesday March 13, 8 pm

New York artist Perry Bard combines eloquent use of materials with passionate concern for the plight of New York’s homeless. Her powerful sculptures and installations address a society that ignores and condemns its disenfranchised. Bard combines contemporary media (bronze, plexiglass, slide projections) with concrete blocks, urban rubble and the cardboard boxes of the homeless to create installations that are as moving as they are disturbing.

Perry Bard has exhibited work in solo and group exhibitions in Toronto, Montreal, Lethbridge, New York, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as in the 1985 Sao Paolo Biennial in Brazil. A Canadian citizen, Bard now resides in New York. This exhibition is the artist’s first solo show in Toronto.