Michel Archambault

14 November 1991 - 14 December 1991
Opening Reception 14 November 1991 8pm

West Gallery:

Michel Archambault

Archambault’s unexpected use of familiar materials such as upholstery vinyl contributes to the evocation of abstract, minimal concepts without obvious connection, identification, or identity. Archambault’s ironic inhabitation of these Minimalist tropes implies a consideration of materiality, presence and calls into question the hierarchy of values that the viewer brings to the work. They draw our attention to a point of transformation, a place where the quotidian may become the extra ordinary, by forcing the viewer to ask: Are these sculpture or furniture, serious or frivolous, Kitsch or Art?

Michel Archambault lives and works in Montreal. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Montreal, Toronto and Brussels. This is his first exhibition in Toronto since 1986.