Serge Murphy

6 February 1992 - 7 March 1992
Opening Reception 6 February 1992 8pm

West Gallery:

Le Magasin Monutmental

Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Visual Art is pleased to present an installation of recent works by Montreal artist, Serge Murphy.

The installation, Le Magasin Monumental, is composed of mixed-media pieces, “reliefs au mur” constructed out of discarded materials (wire, weathered wood and stories) and installed on the wall among circles painted in pale, pastel colours. Through his playful use of these materials, Murphy resurrects and alters “…their connotative and physical powers” to critically examine the relationship between the use of traditional materials and the identification of sculpture as works of art.

Serge Murphy works in sculpture, painting and video. He received his undergraduate degree from Laval University, Quebec in 1975 and his Master of Arts degree from the Universite de Paris VIII, Vincennes, France in 1976. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe. Recent exhibitions include: Delegation du Quebec, Paris (1991) and 49th Parallel, New York (1989). The present exhibition marks Serge Murphy’s debut to the Toronto public.