Barrie Jones

Curated by: Carol Podedworny

25 June 1992 - 25 July 1992
Opening Reception 25 June 1995 8pm

West Gallery : Barrie Jones

West Gallery:

Barrie Jones

Mercer Union is pleased to present the work of Windsor artist Barrie Jones in his first solo exhibition in Toronto since 1982.

In his work, Young Women and Young Men of Canada, Jones combines photographic portraiture with line drawings taken from classical antiquity to question notions of beauty. As such, his work presents an opportunity to ruminate upon the position of the self in the larger field of gender.

The Mercer Union exhibition will include a number of recent works. These build upon, in a similar manner, his exploration of the self imbedded in the cultural and social. Specifically these works integrate portraits of the family and drawings by children representing their perception of the family and their roles within it.

Barrie Jones lives and works in Windsor and teaches at the University of Windsor. He attended the Universities of British Columbia and York and has exhibited throughout Canada and internationally. Recent exhibitions include the Art Gallery of Windsor (1991) and the Contemporary Museum of Canadian Photography (1992).