Richard Moszka

26 October 2000 - 2 December 2000
Opening Reception 26 October 2000 8pm



You suck your thumb, comb your hair, pick your ear… usually unconsciously. Even when you’re in public you don’t seem to be aware that you’re doing it. You can’t help yourself. Nervous? A repetitive physical action that’s somehow comforting. It might seem charming, even mesmerizing, or merely awkward to others. Personally, it just makes me wonder what you’re thinking…

From October 26 – December 2 Richard Moszka’s video ticks will be presented in the window of United Electronics, 1022 Queen Street West.

Richard Moszka is a Montreal-born artist (1968) who has lived in Mexico City since 1993. For many years his work focused primarily on silkscreen, but he has recently ventured into photography and video. He makes his living as a translator and also writes for the Mexico City art magazine CURARE. He has shown his work in Canada, Mexico, Spain and the U.S..