Michael Alstad

10 September 1998 - 31 October 1998
Opening Reception 10 September 1998 8pm

Project Room:

The Last Supper

“My installation at Mercer is a response to a New York Times news item which was reprinted in the Globe and Mail’s Focus & Books section. The article What’s Cooking on Death Row was a report of the 144 men executed by Texas in the last 15 years and the ‘culinary preferences meticulously logged by the state’s Department of Criminal Justice’, in other words… the last meals requested by those unfortunate people on death row.” For his installation The Last Supper Alstad has created a series of commemorative plates with images of prisoners’ last meals along with their execution dates.

Michael Alstad is a founding member of Toronto’s Symbiosis Collective and Year Zero an internet site showcasing web-specific art. He has exhibited/organized a number of off site installations including The Hoarding Project, 1998 at the Festival Hall and The Bank of Symbiosis, 1997, at the Toronto Hydro Building.