Federica Marangoni and Colin Lochhead

Curated by: Peter Hill and David MacWilliam

10 December 1979 - 22 December 1979
Opening Reception 10 December 1979 8pm

Performance and Installation

The Absence and Ritual of Life and Death

The following is a partial transcription of tapes from the performance:

…that evening practically it was decided to put things in order a bit and clear them up first of all to give ourselves some answers to that perennial and tedious question about god whether he exists or not and if he exists where and how and someone who knew the pope well because he had studied abroad called him up as according to him he understood better than anyone else and had some contacts but there as well evasive replies and in the end no one knew anymore than they knew before when someone suggested everyone together keep swearing for a long time so that if there was god he would punish us with something but there was a pregnant woman and nothing was done about it in fact the story was told of a certain kurt a german who cut off the toes of both feet with some hedge clippers maintaining they would grow again and instead nothing because a man is not like a plant and everyone congratulated themselves on some basic truths….