Susan McEachern

31 May 1983 - 18 June 1983
Opening Reception 31 May 1983 8pm

West Gallery:

The Home

The Home is comprised of forty 16×20 colour photographs of homes and forty 16×20 black and white photographs of text that are placed in relationship to each other. One side is a grid composed of photographs of real homes, and the other side, also in grid form, is a theoretical presentation using contemporary, historical and sociological sources of information on the home.

“All of the homes selected are from my own general age group and the people live in them are engaged in what is considered a traditional male-female relationship. The work is a presentation – confrontation that demands the input of the viewing audience. It questions the degree to which we are directed towards our value system based on commodities and the extent to which we are successful or unsuccessful participants in that value structure. The work suggests that the role of the home is changing and questions the role of the home as refuge in our society and the degree to which the individuals identification with the home is complete. Above all, the work suggests that we are social beings and our values and lifestyles are conditioned by the world we live in and the situations we wish to, or automatically assume we must, adopt.”

– Susan McEachern.