Laura Teneycke

9 January 1997 - 15 February 1997
Opening Reception 9 January 1997 8pm


Sonotube Garden

The Mercer Union window space allows for a natural duality, giving viewers the option to access the work from the public visibility of King Street West or to enter the gallery space to experience the work as an intimate, first hand experience.

Sonotube Garden is a site-specific wall-scape which is an extension of Toronto artist Laura Teneycke‘s current exploration of how methods of display determine the significance of objects. Sonotubes, the paper forms used for making poured concrete pillars, are the primary components of the installation. Teneycke explores the transient nature of the Sonotube as it is utilized to create future objects (columns) and then discarded. Sonotube Garden alludes to notions of absence and presence, what is full and what is empty, the discarded or the treasured. Object value is not static, but a sliding scale of speculation, perception and possibility.

Since graduating from York University in 1992 with her BFA Honours, Teneycke has exhibited in a number of Toronto-based galleries/venues such as The Red Head Gallery, Free Parking and MEG Gallery and is scheduled to exhibit in Calgary in the spring.