Auriane Sokoloski

6 June 2002 - 13 July 2002
Opening Reception 6 June 2002 8pm

Back Gallery:

Scratch Room

A multi media exhibition that revels in excess, obsessiveness and eccentricity, and questions the aesthetics of taste, for better or worse. John G. Boehme, Reanne Estrada , Maria Legault, Fiona Mowatt, Sarah Skapin, Auriane Sokoloski, Tamara Stone, Holly Ward.

“The juxtaposition between hair and cake is like: “Here’s a nice delicious dessert. I will bite into it, and whoa, there’s a hair in my cake!” It’s the infiltration of a bothersome item into another prettier item. It also references having your cake and eating it, too. You might be interested in knowing that recording artist P. Diddy has this to say about backstage food preparation: ‘Before serving, all food and ice must be inspected for hair, package, paper, etc., and all catering staff must wear hair nets.'”

-Rhonda Riche

“In the Back Gallery, Auriane Sokoloski has filled the whole space with her spent scratch ‘n’ wins. Assembled, they look like a shiny mosaic room, but the sheer number of tickets and fact that she kept them all also makes it seem like an offering.”

-Rhonda Riche

Auriane Sokoloski’s habits and vision navigate towards the more colourful side of social phenomena. Her work investigates how our diversions can be shaped or carried out by the corporal. Sokoloski lives and works between Taiwan and Montreal.