Chris Gillespie

23 June 2005 - 30 July 2005
Opening Reception 23 June 2005 6pm

Back Gallery:

Room of Miles and Feet

“[I]t’s impossible to believe that Gillespie is a dispassionate, or mad, scientist. He has created a pocket-sized world of ants traversing highways, and abandoned winter vehicles, but we sense the presence of the artist’s hand in both scenarios, crafting and marking and quietly slipping away. His painstaking documentation of the movements of ants, and his diligence in relating the tiny details of a deserted winter landscape, bear the mark of fondness. And the gaps in the narrative become his unwillingness to feed us a story, or lead us too far astray.”

– Excerpt from brochure essay by Lise Hosein

The work of Chris Gillespie makes small investigations that often contain elements of reluctance or absence. Born in 1972, Chris has exhibited in Canada and the US and resides in Victoria BC.