David Abecassis

15 February 2001 - 24 March 2001
Opening Reception 15 February 2001 8pm

David Abecassis

The Peephole:

Ring Pile

This work is a celebration of life through light. It is an inquiry of light as energy, meant to give viewers a tingle.

The bottom of each ring opens up like a plastic toy you may find as a prize in a bag of children’s candy. These rings are based on a type of ring once used in wedding ceremonies.

To me they represent a union. In the pile they are physically linked to each other. The linking of many of these rings suggests a complex web of interaction. Links simultaneously stretch out in different directions. An accumulation of connections between people is part of what forms a community. Each ring has a little house shape on top that signifies its union to a domestic space. But rather than a stable domestic space, this pile suggests one which has not been fixed in place or time, one which once disrupted becomes portable.

The rings, placed in a pile, suggest a collection of memories and family histories that have come to rest here, discarded. They are artifacts which have accumulated over time, each with its embedded private stories. This pile is a repository for the amassment of personal belongings.

– David Abecassis

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