Lily Chiro and Nona Finnbogason, Lily Chiro, Gilberto and Ron Gillespie, John Scott and Amy Pool, J.R. McLeod, Richard Banks and Dave Porter, Oliver Girling and Rae Johnson

Curated by: Lily Chiro

14 February 1982
Opening Reception 14 February 1982 8pm

“Most people ‘view’ with years of history in front of them. There hardly ever is a clear eye to ‘new work’. The weight is on the artist to show his work in exactly the way he perceived it.”

In Red PRactice all artists use the idea of ‘red’ as the basis for their work.

This series of performances/works – one each night for 7 consecutive night, called Red Practice – collectively combines veteran performance artists with children and artists who usually work as painters.

All shows will be half hour to an hour long, and will run from from February 14-20, 8 pm each night.

February 14th… Lily Shiro & Nona Finnbogason
February 15 … Lily Chiro & Gilberto
February 16 … John Scott, Amy & Poole
February 17 … J.R. McLeod
February 18 … Richard Banks & Dave Porter

Febraury 19 … Oliver Girling & Rae Johnson
February 20 … Lily Chiro, Nona Finnbogason & Ron Gillespie

Tickets: $4.00 each night at the door.