Recently Constructed Works

Lynda Gammon

19 April 1990 - 19 May 1990
Opening Reception 19 April 1990 8pm

East Gallery:

Recently Constructed Works

Opening Thursday April 19 at 8:00 pm, Mercer Union: A Centre for Contemporary Visual Art presents sculpture by Victoria artist Lynda Gammon.

Victoria artist Lynda Gammon constructs sculptural assemblages that are developed through a complex process of building, rebuilding, constructing and destructing. Collaging together household debris she resists the preciousness and monumentality traditionally associated with sculpture. For her exhibition at Mercer Union, Gammon will be exhibiting new works together with small polaroids of sculptures in former states, in the context of her studio.

Lynda Gammon has participated in solo and group exhibitions since 1976, largely throughout Western Canada. The artist’s first solo exhibition in Toronto will continue in Mercer Union’s East Gallery through to Saturday May 19.