Barbara Claus

21 May 1992 - 20 June 1992
Opening Reception 21 May 1992 8pm

East Gallery: 

Recent Works

Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art is pleased to present the most recent photo based installation by Montreal artist, Barbara Claus.

Barbara Claus’ previous installations have combined enlarged photographic details of funerary architecture with menacing, yet lyrical charcoal drawings executed on the wall. These drawings have often depicted plans for imaginary, unbuildable constructions while the photographs are derived from cemeteries. Examining the end of human life, her work has explored the irreversibility of time.

Barbara Claus received her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Quebec. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Optica, Montreal. Group exhibitions include Transatlantique, le Botanique, Bruxelles and Atlantique at la Chambre Rlanche, Quebec. She has also exhibited throughout Holland.