Garry Neil Kennedy

6 September 1980 - 19 September 1980
Opening Reception 6 September 1980 12pm


Mercer Union Gallery would like to borrow for two weeks a potted plant from your gallery. The plant will be carefully transported to and from the gallery, and while it is at Mercer Union it will be well cared for and placed in a room which has a natural light source. It will form an exhibition of approximately fifteen plants – one each from fifteen commercial galleries in Toronto.

The exhibition is being organized as an installation by Garry Neill Kennedy, an artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We would like to have the plant from September 4 to September 22. A publication will be produced after the exhibition. The opening is on Saturday, September 6, from 2 – 5 pm, and you are cordially invited to come at a time convenient to you.

Colin Lochhead, of Mercer Union will be dropping by your gallery soon to discuss with you this request. I do hope you can accommodate him.

Yours sincerely,

David MacWiIliam

P.S. The following galleries are being asked along with you to lend a plant:

Aggregation Gallery
Bau-Xi Gallery
Carmen Lamanna Gallery
Gallery Moos
Laing Gallery
The Isaacs Gallery
KIonaridis Inc
Loranger Gallery
Mira Godard Gallery
The Morris Gallery
Nancy Poole’s Studio
The Pollock Gallery
Roberts Gallery
The Sable-CastelIi Gallery
Ydessa Gallery