PRINTS 87/88/89/90

Julie Voyce

24 May 1990 - 23 June 1990
Opening Reception 24 May 1990 8pm

West Gallery:

Prints 87/88/89/90

“Six months into making photo-etchings I was blackened by a thought: “Well cup-cake, this ls what happens when you’ve read the National Enquirer for ten years. A third of your life: Babying up on truth, as in bad collages peddled off as fact.” And you bet it has to be. Photographs are used…Unlikely hybrids of camera-made flowers and glass rendered in unfittable colours can stand beyond reproach. Predator is realized thru photo-etching it looks an awful lot like an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie I saw.


Training is good, lots of tra1ning is even better, working on a litho stone is utterly pleasurable. I say to myself: You’ve taken a levigator and ground-down past fossils of insects to even up this rock, You draw pictures on a thousand years, (A bug that’s living in a bunch of grapes, An underground garden, A still life for pioneers, A lovable flower with no I.Q., that happens to be wearing plaid…)


BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO GIVE UP ETCHING – JUST SEE HOW THE LITHOGRAPHY HAS EFFECTED ITS PROCESS. So I’m doing that: Dry points pr1nted off sheets of formica taken from the garbage. Some photo-etching is next – The survivors will be hung.”

Toronto artist Julie Voyce will be exhibiting works from three distinct series of lithographs and etchings produced between 1987 and 1990 in Mercer Union’s West Gallery. Yoyce has continued to participate in solo and group exhibitions both locally, as well as in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Vancouver, Paris, France, and Tokyo since 1980. Her exhibition opens Thursday May 24 at 8:00 pm and continues through Saturday June 23.