Dallas Wehrle

29 March 2001 - 4 May 2001
Opening Reception 29 March 2001 8pm



Dear D,

I barely remember what happened and who started it. Frankie apologized the next day, so don’t worry about it. It was a great party, man. I pissed inside a bank machine on the way home, and then when I got home I stripped naked in the front hallway and went upstairs to bed.

I’ve been thinking about it and I still don’t know what you mean about forgetting something being the same as if it never happening.



First I decided it was time to purchase a video camera. During the first few days I spent with the camera I realized that this technology was not developed for consumer-recordings. So I began to use the camera in ways that I felt it was intended to be used: watching from a distance, watching in complete darkness, watching without getting caught.