Patrick Jenkins

6 April 1982 - 24 April 1982
Opening Reception 6 April 1982 8pm

April 18th Film Screening:

“Wedding Before Me” (1976)
“Fluster” (1978)
“Ruse” (1980)
“Shadowplay” (1981)
“Sign Landuage” (1982)

Mercer Union will be showing an exhibition of drawings by Toronto artist Patrick Jenkins. This series of drawings is entitled “Sign Language”. The drawings are done in charcoal and use non-verbal symbol signs that are found in airport terminals as their basic imagery.

Patrick Jenkins on the Sign Language series:

“The Series of drawings entitled the “Sign Language” were started in the fall of 1981 as working sketches for the film I was shooting of the same name.

Both the drawings and the film explore the area of non-verbal signs. The images were found and adopted warning signs, information images and graphic logos from commercial design.”

On Sunday April 18, 1982 at 8:00 pm Patrick Jenkins will be presenting a selection of his filmworks including Wedding Before Me 1976, Fluster, 1978, Ruse, 1980, Shadowplay, 1981, and his new film Language 1982.