Orsola Drozdik

Curated by: Judith Schwarz

25 September 1984 - 20 October 1984
Opening Reception 25 September 1984 8pm

West Gallery:

Biological Metaphors

This exhibition of paintings by New York artist Orsolya Drozdik is the third in a series which analyzes biological metaphors. The works of this series are specifically concerned with the double reality of, on the one hand, death, and on the other, all that we call nature – and the manifestation of that double reality in biological metaphors. The metaphors are often drawn from medical science models, viewed to be as as much friction as anything else, and are used here with expressive gestures and historical art references/

Orsola Drozdik studied at the Hungarian Academy of Art, specializing in graphics, and received a Masters degree in 1977. Since this time, she has exhibited extensively in Budapest, Cracow, Paris, Yugoslavia, Japan, Spain, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C., and New York City.