Lorna Brown

Curated by: John Armstrong and Moira Clark

25 May 1995 - 24 June 1995
Opening Reception 25 May 1995 8pm


One work…ONCE Removed

One Work is a series of exhibitions that responds to the possibilities of MErcer Union’s new location. Individual artworks will be exhibited in the various spaces outside of the two formal galleries. These spaces include the stairwell, the windows and the foyer area.

Lorna Brown’s work has focused on how society classifies the subjective voices of women as “low ranking knowledge”. Combining fiction with fact, she constructs a mixture of text, photographs and sculpture that challenges the barriers which have historically conditioned how the voices of women who, as Monika Kim Gagnon has described in her catalogue essay, imagine “flight, and…the possibility of breaking away from the suspension and constraint of social structures.”

Tearsheets, which were included in the original exhibition, contain fragmented parlance that speak of each woman’s active negotiation and conditional victories over social constraints. They are mounted in he foyer for visitors to take.

Lorna Brown is a Vancouver artist who works primarily in photo installation. She has exhibited across Canada and teaches photography and feminist gender and cultural studies at Emily Carr Institute and Simon Fraser University.