David Blatherwick

Curated by: John Armstrong and Moira Clark

12 January 1995 - 4 February 1995
Opening Reception 12 January 1995 8pm


one work…Everyday

As a response to the architectural possibilities of the gallery’s new site, Mercer Union will be inaugurating One Work – exhibitions of individual artworks in various spaces outside of the two formal galleries, including the stairwell, windows and foyer. The exhibition schedule for this project will rotate on a monthly basis. For the upcoming year, works will be selected by board members Moira Clark and John Armstrong. The first artist to participate in One Work will be David Blatherwick.

David Blatherwick’s Everyday (1993) is composed of a wig attached to the shaft of an electric motor that turns at 60 revolutions per minute. The wig is made of synthetic red hair, and matches the artists’ own hair colour. The crown of the wig is slightly off the centre of rotation lending the wig’s repetitive motion the quirkiness of a person’s gesture, this relentless motion might suggest an anxiousness motivated by boredom and even panic.

Blatherwick is a Montreal artist who works primarily in painting. (The paintings also reflect his interest in engaging time through repetition.) His work has been exhibited in both Canada and the United States, and was recently included in Partly Human, and exchange exhibition which Blatherwick helped to organize, held at the Galeria de Arte Moderno in Guadalajara and at Temistocles 44 in Mexico City.