Nick Brdar

18 June 1985 - 13 July 1985
Opening Reception 18 June 1985 8pm

East Gallery:

This exhibition features large sculptures by Victoria artist Nick Brdar, involving cut-out and modeled images of bodily segments grafted on to structures and discarded consumer objects. The works on exhibition, entitled Stadium Arm, Assimilation of Light, Extended Face and Axe in the Head, are primarily executed in steel and fibreglass.

“These four works focus on the use of the body fragment as a ‘sculptural signifier’. The sense of exchange (with other loose signifiers) that the body part initiates leads to a foreclosure of other found objects and images. The found objects tend to be ones that I’ve owned and used or ones I’ve found and have had for a period of time, while the images range from popular sources such as comic books and movies to personal sources such as everyday interaction. This foreclosure and grafting is an attempt to put these objects and image on equal footing with the gestural state of the body fragments. Recombining these elements in an intuitive and formal manner creates objects that speak of raw material and its conceptual framework as well as m experience of my body and its lived social projection.”

– Nick Brdar.

Nick Brdar received a Diploma in Sculpture from the Alberta College of Art in 1980, a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1981, and his masters of Fine Art from the University of Victoria in 1984. Since 1981 he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary.

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