29 June—5 August 1995


Curated by Claire Christie and Sandra Gregson, this exhibition addresses the relationship between the body and its environment, particularly to what we know as nature. Resonating throughout the works is the impulse to identify with something, to fix an identity. Rather than assuming either harmony or dichotomy, natured provokes a complex reconsideration of the body in relation to nature, while acknowledging the mediating influences of technology and perception.

Richard Deschenes' painting and Susan Shantz' sculpture obfuscate the borders between nature and culture; meaning becomes reconstructed and variable in Nicole Doucet's work, while perception is questioned through the work of Sylvie Readman and Alexander Pilis.


Nicole Doucet, Richard Deschenes and Sylvie Readman reside in the Montreal area. Alexander Pilis lives in Toronto, and Susan Shantz in Saskatoon. All artists have exhibited their work frequently in Canada. A brochure with essays by Claire Christie and Sandra Gregson accompanies this exhibition.