Marcel Gosselin

12 October 1989 - 11 November 1989
Opening Reception 1 October 2023 12am

East Gallery


Manitoban artist Marcel Gosselin creates environments which explore the genetic and cultural elements of change, the unpredictable and yet constant evolution and recycling of nature. In his solo exhibition at Mercer Union entitled ‘Fragments’, Gosselin will incorporate building materials with the natural materials usually employed in his work, such as twigs, grass, earth, stones, animal parts, fruit, vegetables and found objects. The individual sculptures in this exhibition are intended to reflect fragments of personal experience, with his own response to the environment revealed through the use of natural materials and through his methods of production and through the installation techniques he employs.

In his sculptural landscapes’, Marcel Gosselin raises questions about the symbolic importance of nature’s creations in relation to individual and societal values. His work questions how the nature of human identity is established in relation to objects and space. He presents himself as a ‘pointer’ and, through the inclusion of pieces by his twelve year old son and his father, he distinguishes elements that link together, cresting vital emotional bonds. Incorporating myth, ritual and allegory, Gosselin combines literary and sculptural elements to expose the underlying complexities and chaos in man and nature.

Marcel Gosselin is an established artist From La Salle, Manitoba and has participated in solo exhibitions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba since 1980, with group exhibitions in Calgary, Winnipeg, Peterborough, Montreal, Halifax, Moncton and St. John’s since 1969. Fragments, his first solo exhibition in Toronto, opens Thursday October 12 at 8:00 pm and continues through Saturday November 11.