Love / More Love

13 December 2007 - 20 December 2007
Opening Reception 1 January 1970 12am

Love / More Love

A Mercer Union Members Exhibition and Sale

13 December to 20 December 2007

Closing Party and Sale 20 December 2007

Doors open promptly at 8PM

All works $100.00

Dean Baldwin / Christine Baigent / Katie Bethune-Leamen / Diane Borsato / Krista Buecking / Corinne Carlson / Trudie Cheng / Taku Dazai / Michel de Broin / Janis Demkiw / Dave Dyment / Kenneth Goldsmith / Anitra Hamilton / Kristan Horton / Tracey Horvath / Beth Howe / Patrick Howlett / Jen Hutton / Instant Coffee / Kelly Jazvac / Kristiina Lahde / Corwyn Lund / Michael Maranda / Kelly Mark / John Massey / Stephen McLeod / Olia Mishchenko / Janet Morton / Suzanne Nacha / John O’Regan / Roula Parthniou / Kerri Reid / Kevin Rodgers / Kalina Rutledge / Jon Sasaki / Chris Shepherd / Allison Smith / Derek Sullivan / Zin Taylor / Christy Thompson / Carolyn Tripp / Rob Waters / Stephen Wicks / and many more

Love / More Love

Can we just take “HATE” out of the equation altogether? Maybe can we see a show of hands… is there anyone who would object to that at all?

Certainly we recognize that having polarities like “LOVE and HATE” or “GOOD and EVIL” opens up more possibilities for traditional dramatic conflict, but maybe in the goodwill spirit of the holiday season we should be thinking about pioneering a new eternal struggle between LOVE and MORE LOVE. We’re not exactly sure how that would play out, but can we try, and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll go back to what we had before?

Love / More Love is the annual Mercer Union members exhibition, where all works are sold for $100 on a first-come first-served basis. This event is enormously popular, with long line-ups starting as early as 2 hours before the sale begins. Participation in the exhibition/sale is open to all members of Mercer Union, and the registration deadline is 13 November. Please contact for more details.