Ginette LeGaré

7 April 1987 - 2 May 1987
Opening Reception 7 April 1987 8pm

West Gallery:

Les Vérités Mises en Echec

Currently residing in Toronto, Quebec City artist Ginette Legare is exploring the act of representation in her most recent series of sculpture. This exhibition consists of four interrelated wall and floor constructions, made from aged slate tiles. Legare has confronted the medium, embracing the physicality and luxury of the surface in a dialogue which allows the symbolic and iconic qualities of the image to function on an interpretive level. Signs and epigraphs are carved into the slate based on their inherent existence within the material. The artist wishes to engage the viewer, calling into question the presence of sexual archetypes contained in our cultural history.

Ginette Legare has lived and worked in Toronto since 1983. For the past two years she has been involved in a number of group exhibitions in Toronto which include Mercer Union, the Art Gallery of York University, and the Pauline McGibbon Cultural Centre. A recent MFA graduate of York University, she had her second one person exhibition this year at Obscure, in Quebec City.