Dave Armstrong-Six

14 September 2000 - 21 October 2000
Opening Reception 14 September 2000 8pm

Back Gallery:

Leak into Space

Leak Into Space is the overall title for new time-based works by Dave Armstrong-Six. A dumpster will be dragged into the Back Gallery where it will house a labyrinthine construction made from such ‘structureless’ substances as syrup, glue, Vaseline, decayed drywall and sand.

Accompanying this are two new videos: Track It Around traces a performative walk around the city at night wherein a camera follows the walking and tracking around of ‘mucous’ substances as they are excreted, somewhat ambiguously, from above. The second video entitled The Soup documents the preparation of a concoction for Armstrong-Six’s last show of the same name at Plug In Gallery in Winnipeg (until Sept.9). For this piece over 80 litres of junk liquids were poured over a dropped-ceiling and allowed to leak freely onto the gallery floor.

The work of Dave Armstrong-Six was included in the group show Implicating Possibilities at the Art Gallery of York University in 1997. Solo projects include Ground at Cold City Gallery (1998); as model at A. L. L. M. Charlotte (1999); and most recently The Soup at Plug In, Winnipeg, July 20 – September 9, 2000.

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