Barb Webb

12 September 1996 - 2 October 1996
Opening Reception 12 September 1996 8pm



The Mercer Union Window space allows for a natural duality, giving viewers the option to access the work from the public visibility of King St. West or enter the gallery space to experience the work as an intimate, first hand experience.

In conjunction with a performance at the Mockingbird on September 20, Barb Webb presents Lassoin the Window space: A playful, cowboy puppet theatre with figures that can be manipulated by gallery visitors or viewed from the street. Webb’s work is driven by “an engagement in the cultural construction of gender and sexuality as defined by mass culture”. She asserts that “I subvert culturally defined extremes of masculinity, femininity and sexuality by employing the divergent sensibilities of children’s storybooks and pornographic illustrations”.

Barb Webb is a founding member of the 23rd Room collective and has been exhibiting in Toronto and Canada since the mid 1980’s. Exhibitions have included Duke-U-Menta, and solo & group shows at the Robert Birch Gallery.