Wendy Coad

7 April 1987 - 2 May 1987
Opening Reception 7 April 1987 8pm

East Gallery:

La Vida Loca

“Holy Cow, I just about landed on my keister when I found out that the livingroom gig was actually going ahead. At first I thought this flapjaw was just another ear-banger, after all the business is lousy with them. As it turned out, I was wrong, the dude was on the level.

He offered me an aggressive deal. The network had booked my flight on the next egg beater out ot town, and all I had to do was sit there on the couch and not behave like a foo foo. The tricky part was that getting embalmed was a no-no, so, no serum for me til after the gig. I’d have to give my rap while stone cold sober.

If all went well, in other words, if I could hold my own with the rest of the chicken heads and clover-kickers, I’d stand a chance of getting good exposure. For an artist from Noplscevllle this would be the mostest, and would likely pocket me some cabbage to boot.

Was I scared? No. I’d just womp them with another whipped up tale about my life as an artist. This is what I had planned to say to the audience of millions about my upcoming show at Mercer Union.

Well Johnny, let me tell you. It’s this thing about the scene you know. You can’t sit around and just think any more, you’ve gotta hava hit! You’ve gotta hava style! You’ve gotta hava recipe! you’ve gotta hava profession! you’ve gotta hava specialty! Yeah, that’s what I’m into, specialties. You know what mine is? I’ll tell you, it’s painting; big, bright, lotsa stuff goin on, painting. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been busy doing lately, for my show, you know, the show up in Toronto! Yeah, I’ve got a whole gallery full of ’em. Best ones I ever did. Am I talking too fast? What’s next? Well, I’m working on this script for a musical. You see I took extensive tap dancing lessons from the best instructors in town. The story takes place in Canada, northern Ontario actually, involving these pioneers who fall in love with, you won’t believe this, the landscape! Yeah, they can’t get enough of it. We start shooting this spring, and hope to have it ready for Cannes, watch for it, I’m starring in it with my husband. What’s it called? Oh I nearly forgot to tell everyone out there in TV land, don’t miss ‘Paint Your Wagon’ coming soon to a theatre near you.’

Excerpt from: It’s a Quarter to Nine! The Wild Times of Peaches O’Cod, the unauthorized biography of Peaches O’ Cod by Bob Johnson.