Gerard Pas

8 January 1985 - 26 January 1985
Opening Reception 8 January 1985 8pm

East Gallery:


This exhibition of recent works by London artist, Gerard Pas, is concerned with the question of beauty, and revealing the varying tensions and disparities which underlie our perception of it. In this exhibition, the artist juxtaposes contrasting images of beauty and ugliness, pleasure and pain, and joy and grief. Composed of a series of watercolour portraits and colour photographs, the images are assembled into three panels, entitled Venus versus Vulgaris, Beauty Conquers the Beast, and The Cain in Abel.

Gerard Pas has performed and exhibited in Canada, the United States, Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Various works, treatises and documentation have been published in books, periodicals and catalogues throughout the world. His work has received cultural grants and awards from private institutions and governments both in Canada and the Netherlands. Gerard Pas currently lives and works in London, Ontario.