Andrew Harwood

8 January 1998 - 14 February 1998
Opening Reception 8 January 1998 8pm


Janitor Cologne

Janitor Cologne is dedicated to all artists who work at crap jobs to make ends meet. It is also a tribute to those men and women who work cleaning public spaces in institutions and who largely go unnoticed as individuals, often invisible to the people for whom they clean. It is ironic that, as a caretaker, I have made more money cleaning, than I ever have as an artist is Canada.

Janitor Colognei s a send up of the fashion and perfume industries. Industries which demand that the public pay fortunes for colognes and perfumes based, usually on an individual’s name or logo as a selling point, rather than on the actual ingredients or beauty of a fragrance. Perfumers in the industry are known as “noses”, and garner millions of dollars from their ability to blend up to one hundred fragrances for a single perfume. Janitor Cologne celebrates the opposing principle that anyone can be a celebrity or a designer with a glamorous fragrance.

Andrew Harwood is a Toronto-based artist who received his BFA in 1991 from NSCAD, Halifax. He has recently curated the Buffet exhibition for A Space Gallery and in October, 1997. he exhibited work in Queer Looking/Queer Acting, curated by Robin Metcalfe for the Mount St. Vincent University Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.