17 November—12 December 1987

Jack Jeffrey

East Gallery:

From November 17 through December 12, Mercer Union will be presenting a solo exhibition by Toronto artist Jack Jeffrey. In describing his installation, the artist writes:

"The installation will consist of elements that are placed in proximity to one another; these elements consist of recognizable and unrecognizable signs which in the context of an installation become a kind of juncture between the world of reality where things have meaning and the world of fiction where all meaning is an illusion. The viewer is invited into the grey area where the essence of meaning lies; between the known and the unknown, between object and concept, between order and chaos, between the parts and the whole, between the congenial and the dissimilar. The viewer is invited into the area where assumptions that make understanding possible are brought into question; it is from this place that new meaning can emerge."
Jack Jeffrey


Jack Jeffrey has exhibited extensively across Canada since 1981. Group exhibitions which Jeffrey has participated in include Monumenta, YYZ, Toronto (1982); the New City of Sculpture, Mercer Union/YYZ Toronto (1984); and most recently Art for Chile, Studio 620, Toronto (1986). In the past two years, Jeffrey's work has been presented in solo exhibitions at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta (1985); Cite International de Arts, Paris, France (1985); Embassy Cultural House, London, Ontario (1985); and the Art Gallery at Harbourfront, Toronto (1986).