(2.1.3) / 5 COLOURS

Jaan Poldaas

27 April 1982 - 15 May 1982
Opening Reception 27 April 1982 8pm

East Gallery:

(2.1.3) / 5 Colours

“(2, 1,3) / 5 COLOURS” is an open-ended series of paintings begun in early 1981. Each painting consists of 25 solid-coloured rectangles separated by narrow,black recessed outlines. Five colours are ‘invented” for each painting, and are arranged in a horizontal row across its centre. Above the centre are the ten two-part mixtures of these five colours, arranged in the shape of a stepped pyramid. The ten three-part mixtures form the same shape, inverted,below the centre. Each painting is six feet high and six feet eight inches wide, alkyd or enamel on plywood.

Six paintings from this series will be on view at Mercer Union for the duration of the exhibition.