Michael Buchanan

8 January 1999 - 14 February 1999
Opening Reception 8 January 1999 8pm

Project Room:


I am interested in the place where people or objects meet and in their potential to communicate and be altered through their interactions.

Two elements compose this work. The first element is a video projection of a computer-rendered mouse. He attempts to escape the frame of the projection and like Sisyphus is doomed to repeat his action endlessly. The second element is a spinning machine that utilizes a computer to simulate a watery vortex. The computer turns on a grouping of lights that the viewer recognizes as a pattern through the eye’s ability to absorb and store latent images.

The work is intended to blur the boundaries between the material and the virtual worlds, illustrating the very real limits between these systems but also looking towards the potential for an evolutionary hybridization.

Michael Buchanan received a diploma from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1987. In 1994 he also received an MFA from Concordia University. Michael has been a member of Spontaneous Combustion and currently belongs to the Flywheel collective. Buchanan has shown previously in Toronto at Mercer Union, 1992 and the Power Plant, 1994. He has shown at Galerie Optica in Montreal, 1994 and internationally in Spain and in England in 1999.

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