Margaret Lawther

11 March 1986 - 5 April 1986
Opening Reception 11 March 1986 8pm

West Gallery:


This solo exhibition by Toronto artist Margaret Lawther features a sculpture installation consisting of a series of house fragments. These constructions are based on the image of the house as a metaphor for the human body or human cosmology. Each fragment represents a different part of one’s traditional sense of the house or of space in relation to one’s own body the floor, the ceiling, the roof, the window, and the doorway or threshold.

“My aim in these constructions, and in the installation as a whole, is to suggest the interchangeability of the dialectic of interior and exterior space. By the grouping of these ‘fragments’ in a space, I intend the viewer to experience this interchange ability… Expressing movement and arrested movement in space and time, the fragments also embody the notion of the fundamental paradox of human existence: that any form of being contains the latent experience of its opposite – implicit in the experience of being is the realization of non-being.”

– Margaret Lawther

Margaret Lawther received her Master of Fine Arts from York University in 1983. She has taught extensively since 1978 and is currently a Visual Arts instructor at the Art Gallery of Ontario. In the last seven years, Margaret Lawther has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Toronto and Vancouver.