Amanda Steggell and Michelle Teran

1 April 1999 - 31 December 1999
Opening Reception 1 April 1999 8pm

Internet Broadcast:


Who is the Idoru?

This is where the Idorus Rala Froct and Mindoru meet, two fictional digital personalities who inhabit cyberspace.

Rala Froct and Mindoru are the creations of artists Michelle Teran (Toronto, Canada) and Amanda Steggell (Oslo, Norway). In a series of web cam meetings, each artists will perform as their digital personalities by transmitting live images and text from their cities of Toronto and Oslo to the Idoru Web site ( You are welcome to observe the narrative that unfolds between the two Idorus by visiting the site during the broadcast times. Unlike, video conferencing, which is unable to accommodate but a limited virtual audience, Idoru meetings can be observed by many simply by accessing the Idoru website.

The Idorus will have their first meeting on April 1st, 8:00 – 10:00 pm. Other broadcasts will take place throughout the month of April and also throughout the last year of this millennium.

Subsequent broadcast times will be advertised on the Idoru website.

Amanda Steggell is a dancer and choreographer who resides in Norway. She is co-director of Motherboard, a multi-disciplinary group that creates performances and installations that utilize and relate to digital pop culture and social interaction.

Michelle Teran is an artist and graphic designer residing and working in Toronto. Her work has been shown in Canada and in Europe. She spends her time entrenched in the ideas of public and private performance, which recently has included unashamedly dancing in front of her computer, and, as a graphic designer, trying to find as many opportunities as possible to use the colour pink.

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