Sylvie Bélanger

14 July 1987 - 8 August 1987
Opening Reception 14 July 1987 8pm

West Gallery:

I Am Here

Sylvie Belanger’s multi-media environment entitled I AM HERE unites architectural structures, sound and video in order to draw the viewer into a discourse on the individual’s relationship to space and time. The installation is composed of architectural structures which extend themselves by projection, onto walls coveted by architectural representations. Integrate into the constructions are imprints which as existential signs are ’embedded’ and ‘captured’ in gravel, video-tape, and sand. It is through these visuals and a vocally imprinted soundtrack that the viewer gains access to a discourse on his/her relationship to a historical milieu.

Originally from Montreal, Sylvie Bélanger currently lives in Toronto. Since 1982 she has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in Ontario and Quebec. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Artcite, Windsor (1985) and Maison de la Culture at Glendon College, Toronto (1987). Sylvie Bélanger is an instructor at York University, Toronto and Concordia University, in Montreal.