Harold Klunder

16 March 1982 - 3 April 1982
Opening Reception 16 March 1982 8pm


Harold Klunder is presently working in Toronto. Between March 14 and April 3, he will be continuing work on two wall size drawings, after gallery hours each day. The work in progress will be on view during 12 – 5 PM Tuesday to Saturday. The opening reception will take place on Saturday March 20, 8:00 PM. A live concert by ‘Niagara’ will close the exhibit on Saturday April 3, 8:00 PM.

Harold Klunder is represented by Sable-Castelli Gallery Ltd.


A splendid tale of two cities and two artists
John Bentley Mays
Globe And Mail, March 1982

No lover of the old-fashioned stuff and matter of painting can afford to pass up the Harold Klunder and Landon Mackenzie double bill at Mercer Union (333 Adelaide St. W.) through April 2 – two focused, engaging shows that recall much that’s good, and much that’s problematic, about advanced contemporary painting in Toronto and Montreal.

Klunder, a Sable-Castelli regular, has taken advantage of the artist-run centre’s broad, high walls and concrete floors to go flat out and publicly wreak the sort of splendid havoc ordinary canvases, of the sort he’s often shown at his home gallery, just won’t hold. The havoc is also being wreaked every day of the show: on large rectangles ot paper, attached to the wall in a loose grid with plenty of space between each one, Klunder daily hurls, splurges and splatters his inky paints, and draws boldly and hugely with oilstick, creating in the process two immense, vibrantly active drawings.

Both belong entirely to the place in which they were made. The lines and areas of color surge across the intervening wall space between the sheets of paper, and on the floor are graveyards of drips, splatters and used oilsticks – the inevitable conclusions of these works, and a necessary part of them. The whole work is a large, handsome experiment which documents Klunder’s curiosity about the nature of artistic fabrication, and the limitations of art’s traditional formats.