Hannah Collins

21 June 1983 - 9 July 1983
Opening Reception 21 June 1983 8pm

East & West Galleries:

Work Made in Utica N.Y.

Hannah Collins’ multi-media installation includes works created in different industrial situations at varying times indicating a common experience which connects them. “Red Tables-Air” uses materials which are readily available and visible to create a series of light weight steel tables and other horizontal structures. The viewer is able to walk through these or think about walking. Other work is represented by photography in which steel and neon structures merely suggest an ordered relationship with a particular set of surroundings. On a personal level, written statements, colour photographs and spoken words are about a relationship formed with a pigeon which lived in the artist’s studio for six months.

“As time passed she took to walking in the streets – at every corner she became aware of their presence – and of their independence and dependence, she began to look for them in the gutter and among the rooftops. Always together and looking for food. Their presence connecting thoughts and occasions in her mind. On corners and in streets she found herself thinking of the studio space, of its lightness and its darkness as it was illuminated and then shut out its remaining presence in the dark…”

from “Independence and Dependence” Sound Tape 1983 (Hannah Collins).