Lee Goreas

25 May 2000 - 30 June 2000
Opening Reception 25 May 2000 8pm


Gold Comet Cyclone

Car Trouble

I have been photographing the chrome name plates of various 1960-1973 North American automobiles for 3 years. After the completion of this photographic project I began photographing customized plastic models of 1960-1973 North American automobiles, which are both new and broken down.  I photographed these newly broken down models within simple settings. These settings become narrative landscapes that contextualize the models and their distressed state. These newly broken down models and the landscapes they are located in represent the marriage of both my desire and esteem.

Lee Goreas was born in Kelowna British Columbia, 1965, educated in Victoria and Toronto and taught at the University of Victoria 1998 and 1999. Over the past ten years Lee has exhibited both nationally and internationally. In the past twelve months, Lee has had solo exhibitions at Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto, Stride Gallery, Calgary and presently having a solo exhibition at Southern Exposure in San Francisco. He is represented by Robert Birch Gallery.